Weight Loss Made Really Simple


By Evan L. Lipkis MD 

The Rational Physician


Did you know that humans are unhealthy prey? We aren't even fit to be eaten...don't you want to be fit to be eaten? Of course, we don’t want to be prey but most of us want to look good on the outside as well as the inside. Here is a simple way to do it.





So follow the THE 5 Bs and BANISH the weight with a healthy lifestyle!






Obesity is a disease!


The brain (hypothalamus) gets inflamed with obesity and won't respond normally to hormones like leptin when you are full so it's "not in your head" but it really is in your head since your brain develops pathological changes.






Sorry about the pic but behavior reminds me about my dog but it applies to all of us.


When the stomach gets distended it releases leptin that causes fullness.


Be conscious while eating and about what you buy. So when you eat, really think about what you are doing. Be aware. Talking with others, watching TV and reading the newspaper while eating may put you into a hypnotic trance such that you shovel the food into your mouth without realizing what you are doing.

Eat slowly and savor the flavor. Give your stomach time to distend and release that leptin which curbs your appetite. Eating too fast does not cause a sense of fullness as it takes time for leptin to be released.


Eat frequently so the stomach doesn't shrink and therefore will not signal fullness.


Drink plenty of water before meals and distend the stomach! Why not create that sense of fullness before you eat. Some studies show a 10 pound weight loss with just this very technique.


Keep an honest diary of the food that you eat because this helps you to become more aware of your eating habits.


Weigh daily to monitor yourself and to stay on track.


Commitment to your new lifestyle is important. Employ the power of the community with Weight Watchers, the most successful national program. Or just get regular follow up with your physician or dietician. This is the key to developing long term good habits.






Insulin causes fat deposition so we gotta dampen the insulin response by reducing our enormous sugar intake.
















































Eat vegetables. Potatoes, carrots, corn and beets, these are the veggies not to eat cause they are too sweet.

Eat fruits...best are apples, grapes, grapefruit and any berry. These fruits aren’t as sweet and stimulate less insulin.


Lessen the grains, rice, bread, pastas and desserts. These items are just sugar or many sugars strung together. Whole grains are unprocessed and healthy.


Have a piece of fruit like an apple or a handful of nuts for a snack in the AM and PM. These are filling foods. Search for gloppy foods to fill you up such as steel cut oatmeal or soups (watch salt).


So basically, the healthiest diet on the planet as illustrated above is the Mediterranean Diet. It will help you lose weight AND decrease dementia, cancer, heart disease, cancer etc.




So if you are going to build muscle and exercise, for heaven’s sake, make it fun.


What's the best exercise?


The one that you will do! Make it fun, right?


Don't be a warrior and get injured.


Look into high intensity exercise and get the same weight loss and cardiovascular benefit with less total exercise.


Do a little everyday and develop a good habit. If the exercise is fun for you, then the habit will be easy to develop. That’s why classes and sports are great.


Save your car from a random door dink and park far away. You'll have no choice but to walk! Take the stairs too. Make it a part of your daily routine.


Walk your dog and pick up the poop. Picking up poop is at least a little weight lifting!


Watch TV BUT move during each commercial, it's usually boring anyways.


Sitting is actually an independent risk factor for heart disease.








You'll get by with a little help from your friends and your friends are medicines and supplements. Why fight the battle of hunger? You don't get extra brownie points for doing that. If a medicine or supplement can help ease the battle of hunger, then utilize them!













































Use your resources. Drugs work and remember we are treating a disease.


Belviq, Contrave, Xenical,  Phentermine and are meds approved for weight loss. Let your PCP custom fit one for you. OMG it's a drug!!! Oh those commercials that ramble about all those side effects.


Have no fear, some of us drive a car, stuff our tummies, smoke anything, drink the booze, text endlessly, watch TV for hours and much more. Our medicines are far less risky than these activities.


Or you can try a supplement to create a healthy metabolism such as Green Coffee Bean but the evidence is minimal for this and most every supplement.



DRs. Rx


Losing weight is a journey and not a goal. It is a lifestyle change and not a diet. It is a matter of developing good habits through repetition rather than bad habits. Even getting regular sleep helps you lose weight.


BE KIND TO YOUR BODY. DEVELOP NEW HABITS AND NO LONGER PUT DIESAL FUEL (like desserts) IN THE GAS ENGINE. Your car will never get home. It's the same deal with your body.


So understand and follow the 5 Bs: Brain, Behavior, Bite, Brawn and Biologics. Obesity is a disease of the brain and employ behaviors to make yourself conscious. Take a bite of Mediterranean foods, it’s healthy. Eat gloppy foods like high protein yogurt, soups, oatmeal, peanuts etc. to fill yourself up. Build muscle (brawn), incorporate exercise into your daily routine and make it fun. Use biologics to help curb your hunger if indicated. Green Coffee Bean may be a useful supplement and it is well tolerated. For more information, see my e-books, Nutritional Secrets LINK and Weight Loss Secrets.


All the Best,


Evan L. Lipkis MD