• What is your mission? Dr. Liokis wants to positively impact others by providing the finest books, supplements and life-saving medical news.


  • How do you pick your products? He picks them based upon the medical literature. He wants literature support to back up usage.


  • What is your experience? Dr Lipkis has studied supplements for three decades. He is a practicing physician, professor and author.


  • What is your return policy? You get a complete refund if you are not satisfied within 30 days of the time of purchase.


  • How does the FDA view your products? No vitamin or supplement is approved to treat any disease. Supplements are reasonable to take in conjunction with lifestyle and standard medical approaches. Discuss the supplements you wish to take with your healthcare provider.


  • Are you providing your visitors with medical advice? Dr Lipkis is providing you with excellent supplements and e-newsletter (Lifesavers) information. Medical advice should be directly obtained thru your healthcare provider. Utilizing supplements and acting upon information contained in Lifesavers should first be reviewed with your primary physician.


  • How about taxes and shipping? All is included with your purchase.