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UBQH/Amazing Coenzyme Q-10

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UBQH is the highest absorbable coenzyme q-10 on the market.  

—For heart and brain health (prevention) take 1 softgel daily 

—For heart disease or neurological disease take 2 softgels daily

—Each softgel is equivalent to 400 mg of coenzyme Q10 due to the high blood levels maintained!

—It is 8 times more absorbable than conventional products.

—Easy to swallow soft-gels.



Coenzyme Q-10 (UBQH)

This is the outstanding vitamin supplement of the twenty-first century. It is actually a brand version of coenzyme Q-10. UBQH is undoubtedly the best preparation since it maintains much higher blood levels than conventional coenzyme preparations. This natural vitamin, which is in all our cells, has applications for the heart, brain, cancer, longevity, and gum disease. A recent trial showed that high doses of this nutrient slowed Parkinson’s disease by 44%! A larger trial is now being conducted.

Coenzyme Q 10 (CoQ10) is in virtually every cell. It plays a crucial role in energy production in the mitochondria. It's also an antioxidant and has membrane-stabilizing properties. Mice live longer when given coenzyme Q-10. what happens in human beings remains to be seen. The side effect profile is excellent.

People take CoQ10 supplements for a variety of uses:

Aging. CoQ10 levels decline with age...and more mice live a full lifespan with this supplement. Performance enhancement. CoQ10 is in many sports supplements...but there's no proof that it enhances performance.

Boosting the immune system

Prevention of prostate, breast and skin cancer (melanoma)

Reduction in blood sugars and blood pressure

Improving gum health.

Statin myopathy. Statins reduce the synthesis of CoQ10. But there's no proof that CoQ10 supplements prevent myopathy (bad muscle aches and weakness caused by statins). It’s definitely worth a try since this vitamin is well tolerated.

Heart disease. CoQ10 might be useful when used with other drugs for heart failure. Some physicians use it to reduce vascular damage during bypass surgery. Angina and chest pain can also be reduced with this nutrient.

Migraines. CoQ10 100 mg three times (or UBQH 1 50 mg pill daily) seems to reduce migraine attacks by about a third. Consider giving it a try for frequent migraines.

CoQ10 is safe and it is well tolerated.



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