Vaping Side Effects Can Have Dire Consequences For Your Health.

Vaping Can Have Dire Consequences For Your Health.



I am always amazed at human nature. There are hundreds of thousands of deaths from lung cancer each year in America but vaping side effects and deaths receive much more attention. Why is that? 


When anything is new and deadly like vaping, the media will give it much more attention than smoking even if the risk of death is low.


Certainly, vaping is an important medical topic but let’s not lose perspective. Smoking is still a 100 times more  deadly. The problem is that the average age to acquire this disease is age 24 and it is a tragedy to see young adults  and children die from this ailment.


Ok, let’s take a deeper dive into vaping side effects and hazards.


So the technical name for vaping is EVALI (e-cigarette or vaping product use associated lung injury). Docs always seem to find a way to complicate a disease by giving it a complex name. 


Ok, so let’s look at the symptoms. Shortness of breath, cough, and chest pain are common symptoms but diarrhea is also seen in nearly 80% of people.

 There is no simple test to diagnose this disease except the above symptoms coupled with a history of vaping and a lung imaging test such as a chest X-ray. 


Let’s take a look at a few other facts that can help us understand what might cause EVALI or vaping disease. Vaping disease is easier to remember than EVALI, right?


  • The most common brand associated with EVALI is Dank Vape, a product that contains THC, which is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. Over 75% of the cases of vaping disease involve the addition of THC.
  • Vitamin E acetate, an oil based thickener, is strongly associated with EVALI. This ingredient is mainly found in counterfeit brands and it can be found in the lung tissue of vaping victims.
  • Other chemical components, including triglycerides, plant oils, petroleum distillates, and diluent terpenes have been found in the lung tissue of patients with vaping disease. These chemicals are not found in everyone with EVALI but may contribute to this disease.



So how do we help our children? That’s not an easy  question to answer but it’s really important. But no worry, I have a plan for you. Here are the three steps:


  1. Walk the talk is really powerful. If you smoke or vape, it doesn’t matter much what you say.
  2. Use the Socrates approach. Ask your kid, what do you know about vaping? Why do you think people are getting sick? This approach helps your kid to think rationally instead of emotionally. Just ask the questions.
  3. Warn them that usually counterfeit brands and products containing THC are likely associated with EVALI.



Is there anything good about vaping? I believe smoke in any form is dangerous. But I have recommended vaping occasionally to help chronic smokers kick the habit. 


My premise is that vaping with name brands is less dangerous than smoking. Time will tell if this is true. 


Vaping with counterfeit ingredients or with THC can cause lung disease very quickly whereas smoking may take 20-30 years before lung cancer or emphysema bears its ugly head. 


So both smoking and vaping cause different diseases; essentially either short term ailments or long term illness. Since nicotine is 10 times more addicting than heroin both vaping and smoking are therefore highly addictive.


Avoiding those products and having a rational discussion with our children can have a profound effect upon the health of our society. 

This is crucial so that we can prevent vaping side effects and chronic lung disease.








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