What’s the truth about booze? By Evan L Lipkis MD

Uh-oh, did I just take all the fun out of life? Maybe for some people but here’s the bottom line: More than 1 drink a day in woman significantly increases cancer, especially breast cancer. Unfortunately, most women interviewed did not know how much is in 1 drink or that breast cancer is directly related to alcohol.

In women, per The Nurses Health Study, even 3-6 glasses of wine per week increased the incidence of breast cancer significantly.

Men also have a cancer risk when they consume a little over 2 drinks a day.

Alcohol may decrease the incidence of diabetes. But, is it the alcohol or the flavonoids from the grapes?

But wait, one more thing, what about less heart disease with the Mediterranean diet which includes a little alcohol? The answer remains unknown. Following the Mediterranean diet reduces heart disease but I suspect it’s the nuts, olive oil and fish Rather than the alcohol.

This premise is supported by a large study from Lancet (2018) which concluded that no level of alcohol is healthy and also, alcohol remains the 7th leading cause of disability.

I won’t go into all the harm that alcohol causes to your own body and others (accidents, arguments).

My conclusion is to enjoy a drink once in a while because of the known cancer risk. Be aware of the drink equivalents per the picture.

Above all else, laughter still remains the best medicine so laugh it up at the party and enjoy yourself. Too much booze and you lose.

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