The Gemini Effect Of The Ego By Evan L Lipkis MD


Will the ego wipe out cancer and disease or decimate the world? Ok, so maybe you don’t think about this everyday but I have given it some thought and will extend this thought to the world stage.


Let’s start with a definition. The ego is a thought form that is essentially our image. It is a huge critic of others and sometimes ourselves. It is the righteous judgment that lies within us.


So is a big ego bad? I admit that I have a big ego and it is neither good nor bad. It really depends upon how I utilize it. So I call this the Gemini Effect. 


The ego can cure disease or cause a holocaust. Has the higher force abandoned us? I believe that the human race got stuck with free will and I’m not sure we can handle this truth!


Most people believe that egos are bad but this just isn’t the case. I have a big ego because as a physician, I want to live up to that image and walk the talk. My ego motivates me to read medical journals everyday and strive to help others. 


Maybe the fact that I had to state that makes me egotistical! But seriously, I just love learning and want to use the knowledge gained to benefit my patients. Now if I become a know it all and insist I know everything about medicine, then I have overstepped my bounds.


Egos get out of hand when people force their will upon others. Dictators have huge egos and won’t hesitate to kill, maim, subjugate and starve the citizens of their own rogue nations. 


What saves us from our own egos? It is the lateral frontal cortex where reason resides. Knowledge is true power. The voice of reason says, I don’t have to be right, I make mistakes, I’ve overstepped my bounds. 


When the ego grows and takes over the room, it is time to flush it down the toilet where it can join the other crap. You are not putting yourself down but rather you are putting down a thought form. You are a precious living being with a heart and knowledge. 


The ego motivates us to keep our image and that’s a good thing up to a point. But when it gets cocky and oversteps it’s bounds, it’s time to flush! Have a good laugh and flush; really, it’s OK.


Most arguments with family are over ego. You suck. Don’t bother me because you know nothing. I’m right and you might as well face it. I’ll get even. What do you know! You’re an idiot.


The beat goes on as the song says. Let’s look at a practical application of the ego with a world crisis.


Today, Iran probably felt squeezed economically and decided to shoot down a US drone. My first reaction was let’s take down their government. This thought was clearly arrogant. We cannot afford to react with our ego. Why? The ego functions as a 10 year old child. What does the voice of reason or the parent say?


  • No lives were lost.
  • Iran is frustrated with sanctions.
  • Iran wants to goad us into a war so it can shoot rockets at Israel.
  • It is doubtful that we will be able to form a tight coalition of nations if we bomb them.
  • They will be more motivated to enrich uranium to nuclear weapon capability.


Yes, they spit on our image but did they really cross the red line? I would say that they didn’t. 

Reason says that you call them up and talk. 


We know you are hurting and we want to help you economically. If you agree not to support Hamas and Hezbollah and other terrorist organizations and you keep your uranium enrichment under 20%, then we can help. Also you don’t have to lose face. Just say that we were concerned about the drone and that drew the USA to the negotiating table. This way it looks like we feared the consequences.


Their dictatorial government doesn’t know from reason. Reasoning people do not call for the destruction of Israel in their own constitution. Reasoning people don’t oppress their own people and support terrorist organizations. 


Our government has the capability of employing reason and this is a huge advantage. If we can flush our egos down the toilet and caress their egos, then we can have peace.


Admittedly, there are lines that can’t be crossed but this event is an opportunity to form a coalition and bring Iran to the negotiating table. Reasoning allows a proactive approach rather than a reactive approach such as I’m the king of the mountain. 


The USA government has the ability to keep their egos in check and understands that Iran needs to save face. This understanding is a great first step to move negotiations in the right direction. If Iran wants to defy the U.S. and not meet, then we can work on a large coalition of nations. War is a last resort even if our egos get bruised. Sanctions appear to be working because Iran is not able to support other terrorist organizations and the people are getting agitated. This is the best time to be strategic and come together.


When the reason can control the ego, then we become proactive, productive and purposeful individuals and most importantly our hearts can flourish. And what do our hearts contain? 

I’ll let the Tin Man answer, LOVE

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