Man’s Best Friend Earns It’s Keep.

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Ahhh how I love my doggies. They really are family members and I know that’s sometimes hard to understand if you are not a pet lover. Dogs and cats are the closest thing to unconditional love as it gets!

Want proof? Ok, here you go. According to a recent study in Circulation, a meta-analysis of 3 million people reveals that dogs cut the overall  death rate by 25%. Holy cow this is absolutely startling! Maybe I shouldn’t say holy cow but holy dog.

To make matters even better, the study also looked at what happens to patients who have already had a heart attack. In this instance, future heart attacks were reduced by 65%. Even statins, only reduce heart attacks by 20 to 30%.

Yes, a dog each day keeps that probing doc away!

How in the world do these pooches do it? Doctors aren’t sure for certain, but the act of walking the dog and taking care of a precious animal might account for why people do so much better.

Dr’s. Rx Go over to your nearest animal shelter and pick up the dog for free. You’ll  never look back and the dog will keep you healthy as well. Show your pooch tender loving care and it will give it back like violets growing in Illinois. Keep them close to your heart and your heart will keep ticking for a long time to come.



The Doc In Your House,

Evan L Lipkis MD



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