End of World?

I know that I haven’t written in a while but I have been pondering the following: Is the Coronavirus a world ending event? My 3 year old emotional child is worried but we cannot let emotions rule us, correct? So we need some facts!

Look, it’s like climate change. It doesn’t matter if man or some other factor is responsible for the greenhouse effect. Either way, we need a back up plan. Back up plans can include electric cars and planes, space travel, windmills, cleaner fuels, global initiatives and ongoing research. Do we need to collapse our economy right now? I’ll leave the debate to people in the know. But let’s at least have a cohesive plan.

Ok so what do we know about the Coronavirus? 


  • It is a virus that usually causes the common cold but this one is more virulent.
  • It originated in China in the Hubei province and right now we don’t know if this virus just mutated or if it was accidentally or purposely released from a Chinese lab. I’m not saying this was a conspiracy, however, any dictator with an expansive ego cannot be discounted.
  • About 2% of patients with this virus die and often this occurs in the elderly and surprisingly not much in babies and kids.
  • It may present with fever, cough and shortness of breath or just abdominal pain.
  • There are presently 53 cases in the USA including Illinois and so far all have survived.
  • There are only 3 testing labs in the USA and people who have had recent travel from Wuhan, China within 14 days should be tested. Other patients can be considered for testing as per your doc. But right now in the US cases are rare. Still we need more testing centers.
  • Specimens should be taken from the nose and mouth with a plastic swab and sent to a CDC lab by the local lab.
  • In Washington DC there were flights to China. I question the wisdom of this move. Additionally, people are lying about where they have been because of the fear that they will be quarantined. 
  • Level 3 advisories have been instituted for China and South Korea which means stay away.
  • Cases in Iran, Italy and South Korea are expanding exponentially whereas cases in China are slowing. 
  • Vaccines are being developed but the process is slow. This was based upon my discussion with a manufacturer today.
So what should we all do?
  • Go to CDC.gov to obtain updates.
  • I am a believer that travel also needs to be curtailed in other countries like Italy, Japan and Iran. Why risk exposure if cases are rapidly increasing in these countries?
  • Get a flu shot if you haven’t already. There isn’t evidence of cross protection but flu weakens the immune system and the Coronavirus is very contagious. One can acquire it 2-14 days post exposure.
  • Wash your hands and greet with an elbow bump!
  • Consider getting an ND 95 or 99 mask. We don’t need this now but I believe being prepared is a reasonable idea. These masks actually work to prevent viral spread but must fit snugly around the nose and mouth. It must also be removed carefully per the instructions that come with the mask. The cost is high at about 30-50 dollars per mask when I looked on Amazon.
  • Store a couple of weeks of food staples and water in your basement with a first aid kit. 
  • Keep some extra cash, prescription and common medications and a little gold on hand. Don’t rely on your bank vault in times of potential panic. 
  • Keep some extra zinc on hand. It boosts the immune system against viruses. Talk to your doc but one could consider taking 15mg daily to help prevent a virus from causing an issue. With an active cold or virus 10-20 mg is recommended every 2 hours while awake 0r 80-100 mg daily for 5-7 days only or until the cold is gone. Zinc rarely irritates the stomach and decreases sense of smell. The latter, which is rare, can occur permanently but usually at high dosages esp. with a zinc nasal spray. Also I only have proof that zinc works with the rhinovirus which causes the common cold. It does boost the immune system and therefore my speculation is that it might help.
  • For those who are worried about a global depression due to a pandemic, consider buying VIX options which might help to shield your portfolio, especially if you are heavily into stocks. Check with your financial advisor. Or consider just having a higher percentage of cash until this whole thing blows over. 

What you decide to do is up to you. So far the USA is doing well but things can alw change rapidly. My only message here is to think rationally and be a little more prepared until cases slow down across our globe.



Dr Liokis



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