3 Tips for Happiness and Love

Happiness and love go together like peanut butter and jelly. By following these three tips, you can have the whole sandwich! But first there’s a little background to consider. Keeping yourself emotionally and physically healthy provides the nourishing soil for happiness and love to grow.

The emotional child is our center of happiness which corresponds to the limbic system in the brain. Now this “kid” functions at a 3 year old level and it loves to have fun. 

Yes, this first tip may seem a bit selfish but it definitely works. All you have to do is schedule some fun into your day or week. This basic concept is often forgotten amidst our busy workdays but it is so important. Take care of yourself and do something that you enjoy.

Just taking this easy action will create some happiness for yourself. Maybe it’s walking in the park, seeing a movie or having your favorite ice cream. Now, if you schedule fun for both you and your partner, you have the “hot fudge sundae”. Sure, this idea is simple but it fosters both love and happiness.

The second tip takes us to a higher level than fun. It’s called accomplishment or living your life with purpose. Completing small tasks or big tasks can lead to happiness because it just feels good to finish what you begin. Examples include hitting a home run, planting flowers, raising money for a charitable event or even becoming a rockstar. Now what does love have to do with it?

What if one of your purposes is to please your partner? Now that takes your level of accomplishment to the clouds and helps to foster love. 

Now accomplishment requires a higher thought process than fun. We’re talking about reasoning which corresponds to the lateral frontal cortex of the brain. 

Taking your mate on a Caribbean cruise requires a bit of thinking and planning but, once again, such purposeful thinking creates the positive feeling that we call love.

The 3rd pillar of happiness may even transcend rational thought. It is a bit harder to do but is the centerpiece of human existence. It’s called helping others. When you help others, such an act creates long term happiness. It also creates a higher level of love. This is the love and appreciation for all walks of life. That’s a wow!

Dr’s Rx Set the stage for happiness and love to flourish by getting proper medical help for both your mind and body. Once again the three tips for happiness and love include:


—Having fun on your own and with your partner.

—Living your life with purpose. Purpose can also include helping or pleasing a loved one.

—Helping others can lead to long term happiness and a higher form of love.


Good Health,


Dr Lipkis




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