3 Important Articles- The Popcorn Diet, Zantac and carcinogens, Best parenting

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Hey Loyal Readers,

The Popcorn Diet

My new book, The Popcorn Diet just launched and I am purposely keeping the price at 99 cents for another week for you, the readers of Doctor In Your House. 


If you buy it for 99 cents, could you kindly leave me a review. A few kind words can always help. Here is the link. Enjoy the book!


Not only does this book help you lose weight but it also will improve your health. And, believe it or not, this book provides a back up plan even if you fail or don’t like fiber foods such as popcorn. Everyone needs a back up plan, right?


Zantac/ranitidine and carcinogens

Zantac or ranitidine is still on recall because of a contaminant called NMDA. Of course Zantac helps to turn off stomach acid and is commonly found over the counter in drugstores.

So NMDA is a known carcinogen and the levels are only mildly elevated but why take the chance? Stick to famotidine (Pepcid) or omeprazole (Prilosec) for acid issues until this problem is fixed.

I really wish that all generics were made in the good old USA because the FDA could oversee such plants more meticulously. 80% of generics are made in India and China. Somehow, having generic plants located in countries run by an oppressive dictator (China) does not inspire much confidence with this physician. 


Are you a good parent or a bad parent?

Finally, good parenting is so very important. Unfortunately, there is really no parental manual but either verbal or physical abuse directed at children can have profound effects later in life. Divorce, mental illness, parental substance abuse, violence between spouses and incarceration are other risk factors. So what’s the fallout from these abuses for our children?


—smoking and subsequent emphysema






Female kids had more adverse experiences vs. males with their parents. The risk for the above outcomes was more likely with more abusive events.

Now I am not judging any parents because nobody gives you the book but I am trying to arm you with important facts based upon the scientific literature. And I believe that knowledge is a precious commodity.

So what can parents do? Avoiding verbal/physical abuse and calming your emotions is a great start. Parents need timeouts too.

I have written a guide that can be helpful as well right here. It’s probably the best advice I could ever give you for all sorts of relevant issues including parenting. This short but valuable e-pamphlet is based upon 35 years of experience as well as the scientific literature plus it took a long time to write.



That’s all for today. Remember to get The Popcorn Diet now before the price goes up and kindly leave a review. I’ll continue to bring you the latest practical information in this column appropriately named Doctor In Your House.


And now a word from my pooches,



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